my fascination with Patty Hearst was from the get go. I remember where I was when I found out exactly WHO her family was, while trying to do a book report in the school library…the Hearst’s owned 1 newspaper in every city across the U.S…how can that b legal for 1 family to own & have so much influence i wondered ?  WTF..freedom of the press ? It fascinates  because she was a rich girl who’s kidnappers demanded 400 million to be given to the poor- a real live ROBIN HOOD story….and she fell in love with her captor. She crossed over to fight the good fight…but with seemed…and she was my hero ! Of course..the press put a spin on it.. but did she rob banks to feed the poor with her lover donald Defreeze? These days , she is often referred to as a victim of Stockholm Syndrome and we don’t hear about the SLA gang & for this reason her prison term was  eventually commuted by President Jimmy Carter . WHA WHA WHA  a.k.a.  BA DAH DUM :

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